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Shalom & welcome to our home

We are Keren and Yael. We’re married to each other, but we’re each in love with the kitchen. We met as a result of our shared love of the culinary arts. What began as a first date over a plate of oysters quickly became a Big Love: love for each other, love for food and love for people who love food!

Keren has worked in some of the best restaurants in Tel Aviv. She is also an artist who graduated from the Midrasha College of Art and has an MFA from the Bezalel Academy. She paints the way she cooks, with a lot of passion and high flames.

Yael is a pastry chef and bread baker who is made up of pure 70% chocolate. She lives and breathes the world of baking and desserts. How does she stays so thin? That’s because of the great genes that also made her a gifted dancer who performed with some of the best dance companies in Israel.


Eat With Us

In our comfortable and spacious Tel Aviv home we offer diners delicious meals, bringing together guests from Israel and around the world at one huge table. It always excites us to peek out of the kitchen, to see the conversations start to flow and hear the laughter erupt, until those who began as complete strangers leave with hugs and kisses.  

The concept is always the same – a feast of many courses and lots of alcohol – but the menu changes often, according to the season, the market’s offerings and our moods. It will always feature choice meats, very fresh fish and seafood, lots of herbs and olive oil, home baked breads and delicious desserts.

Around the table

Private Events

We also host private and intimate events for groups of between 20 - 40 guests, where we and our home will accommodate your every wish. As usual, we will surprise you with an exciting menu that changes according to the season and our mood. However, we are also attentive to your own tastes and special requests that will make the event uniquely your own.

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Your home

Habanot at your home

We offer catering services for 20-150 guests. We’ll create the menu with you and give you the costs. From that moment you can be on automatic pilot and let us fly! Because besides the food we’ll take care of everything: the chairs, the tableware and even the music. Everything in the inimitable style and quality of Habanot.

Our Workshop

After hosting hundreds of meals for thousands of guests, we feel that we’ve learned a thing or two about hospitality: how to ensure that the event runs smoothly and which recipes will always work.

We’ll pass this knowledge on to you in workshops we hold in our home. At these workshops for groups of up to 10, we’ll show you how to prepare our winning dishes and give you the secret tips that make an event great. All the while you’ll munch on goodies, drink lots of wine and then you’ll all sit down to eat what you’ve cooked. Don’t worry: You’ll take home of course printed recipes and a small surprise

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